Cameron MatticeStrength and Conditioning Coach, Nutrition Support

Cameron is a former competitive athlete, having travelled across North
America playing baseball. He played on 18u Team Canada and received a
scholarship to attend college in Louisiana.
During his athletic career, Cameron overcame cancer and other health
challenges. Through these experiences, he learned to develop resiliency and
discovered the bodies incredible ability to heal. It was a result of this adversity
that Cameron decided to change his career path towards helping others feel their
Cameron has a degree in Kinesiology from York University, is a registered
Hatha Yoga Teacher, and is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. He
has spent countless hours working with adults in both group and private settings,
and has worked amongst many knowledgeable health professionals.
After being in the field for a decade, Cameron continues to be inspired by
human movement and heath. He regularly educates himself through a
combination of experiential and formal study. In his spare time, Cameron enjoys
connecting with nature during hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and various
other outdoor activities.

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