Intro To Performance (11-14 yrs)

This is a transitional program between Train to Train and Performance. Selection is based on coaches discretion and it is a 6:1 athlete to coach ratio.

Performance (13+ yrs)

Performance training is a form of functional training to prepare for high level athletic competition. Our philosophy is that athletes need a balanced program with equal parts strength and power, agility and speed, flexibility, recovery, nutrition and energy systems, as well as a properly periodic plan.

Elite Performance (Elite 15+ yrs)

Elite Performance training is for athletes well-versed in our Performance training and preparing for competition at the highest level in their sport. Advanced strength training and solid nutritional and recovery techniques are required for this group in order to be successful. Registration is based on ALC performance coach recommendation.

Coaches: Rob Buxton, Mike Gotuaco and Cameron Mattice

Maximum Participants: 12

Investment: 1 Conditioning Pass = 1 Class

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