Rob BuxtonStrength and Conditioning Coach,

Rob is a Brock University graduate with a Ba. Kin (Hons) degree, he is also a Bioforce Certified Conditioning Coach (CCC) and is currently pursuing his NSCA CSCS designation. Rob has/continues to compete for team Canada on the international and world level in the sport of kickboxing. He has won several National and Provincial Championships and has also won a World Bronze Medal in Sport Kickboxing at the WKC World Championships in Taranto, Italy in 2013. Rob loves to Snowboard and Mountain Bike and is looking forward to integrating himself into the active community that is Collingwood. Rob is excited to bring his knowledge and passion for training and performance to Active Life as a Strength and Conditioning Coach helping both athletes and those simply looking to live an active and healthy lifestyle achieve their top performance in sport and life.

Favourite Quote: “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” – Muhammed Ali
Favourite Food: Thai Food/Shepherd’s Pie/Salmon
Favourite Sport: Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Snowboarding
Favourite Workout Song: Any Eminem or Alexisonfire
Favourite Place to Visit: Banff/Algonquin Park
Favourite Outdoor Workout in Collingwood: To be determined 🙂
Favourite Exercise: Trap Bar Deadlift – Box Jump Contrast / BOSU Waterspiders

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