Yvonne’s Marathon Journey

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Attention Active Life Runners! 
Hear about ALC Member Services Coordinator Yvonne Knox experience with Strength Training to improve her running!

If you’re a runner and training for an upcoming Fall race or just love to run…..We can help!
Adding strength training classes such as Push Your Pace and the Nooner to your schedule can help you run faster, longer and injury free.  Just ask long time runner/Member Services CoOrdinator Yvonne,  what a difference her frequent participation of conditioning classes made to her running form, core strength and overall aerobic capacity!

“I was a newbie to our classes a year ago”  Yvonne says, “ But our coaches are fantastic at never making you feel that way!  They instruct in a way that you understand and learn why you are doing an exercise so you learn proper form and promote working at your own pace.” After years of not racing due to Covid and health issues she recently got back to her love of Marathon running and ran another 26 mile race feeling considerably stronger, less injury prone, and gained more aerobic endurance.  “It definitely made a difference….Yayy!!”

Runners and many other athletes find that group conditioning/regenerative classes not only strengthen, but help empower and boost confidence, focus and self esteem.

This no doubt helps in any sporting event to boost your mental game too. And should you fall short on that mental game, we have Coach Kiri who specializes in Mental Performance and can help you set goals and map out a plan to achieve them!
But even then,  “My running partner and I had what we thought was a reasonable time goal”  Yvonne explains, “ which quickly changed to just making it across the finish line when we were hit with extreme muscle cramping in the 28 degree weather! My immediate thought was,  I need to schedule a session with Nutritionist/Coach Jess to break down our pre and post race nutrition and seek advice on how we can fuel better next time….and there will be a next time! Thank goodness for the ALC Therapy Team….always ready to prevent and treat any threat to our athletic goals!”

Whether it’s running or your fav sport, whatever it is that makes you move, Owner/Coach Sarah advocates that what you do “inside” of Active Life will help you continue to do what you love to do “outside” of Active Life!

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