The Magic Pill

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Almost everyone wants to enhance their health-whether it be weight loss, toning, range of motion, more energy, sleeping better, more strength, less risk of disease such as cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure, better mood, living longer and better quality of life.
Patients that are active nearly always have a better health profile, are on less medication, rarely come in, and when they do, it is because one of the balancing components of fitness is not being met. Often all people do is one component, such as cardiovascular activities ; if you don’t balance that with the components of strength and range of motion/balance activities, your train can still come off the track.

Cardiovascular health can enhance your health profile as the heart and lungs start to work more efficiently, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate. Weight loss is often an added benefit. Your immune system will be enhanced, and if you get sick, you’ll recover faster, and your risk of diabetes, and cancer is reduced.
Strength will give you energy to accomplish tasks easier, can enhance bone strength, will give you more power, enhancing sports, and activities of daily living. Your muscles will burn more calories even at rest. As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass; maintaining the strength should be a priority. Think about a person that is aging and the difficulty they sometimes have just getting out of a chair, up from the bed, off the toilet. That person has lost muscle mass, and the basic ability to move from sitting to standing.

Range of motion and balance gives you the ability to move easily and with confidence, all through your day. You get to reach a little bit further, loosen up your back and hips, enhance stride length, so you walk or run more easily. It helps your muscles repair and allowing you to recover faster. Loss of balance is the reason many of us get injured, resulting in more fear of moving – which leads to less movement! Not what we want. . If you have trouble standing on one leg for 15-30 seconds, you probably need to work on your balance.
When you look at all the benefits of staying active, you can see how it is considered the magic pill. You have that ability be so much better. It just means taking that first step.

A good balance to your program would be to take Essentrics. Essentrics will work range of motion, strength and adds a challenging component of balance to the program. One of my clients swears that the reason he continues to play hockey as well as he does is because of Essentrics. Many professional hockey players practice it weekly. I attribute Essentrics to my success in running a marathon at 60. Participants report feeling inches taller when they leave. No matter what your fitness is, you can do Essentrics. That is the beauty of it. It is a non-competitive environment where you move to your own ability.


Come on….challenge yourself to be better.
Author – Deb McCann

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