Graeme BuckrellOwner & Conditioning Coach

    Graeme has been the head coach of Osler Bluff Ski club for the past 17 years.  He is a Level 4 coach and program developer.  Graeme has a strong passion in youth sports and love to see kids excel through their goals and passion.  Graeme says having a business that makes people better every day is very inspiring and fun to be around.

    Favorite quote: “No one will ever call me a quitter” Terry Fox

    Favorite food: Pop corn

    Favorite sport: Skiing/ Hockey / Tennis / Baseball / Mountain Biking

    Favorite workout song: Alive – Perl Jam

    Favorite place to visit: Turks and Caicos

    Favorite outdoor workout in Collingwood area: Three Stage to Mountain Bike

    Favorite exercise: Beach workout (Bi`s & Tri`s)

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