Anne BakerPilates, Yoga, Fascial Stretch Instructor

    Anne loves movement & teaching people how to move with greater ease. In addition to spending time outdoors, Anne credits her influences to a variety of experiences in athletics, dance, movement training and music.  Anne has a holistic view on training people and works with Functional Movement Patterns for fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Fascial fitness training and philosophies.

    Favorite quote:  “Move well, Be Well, Live Well”
    Favourite food: BBQ’d steak, medium rare and a good salad. Is Champagne a food?
    Favourite sport: paddling
    Favourite workout song: currently- ‘Happy’ by Pharell.
    Favourite place to visit: Nova Scotia. And all the places I haven’t been yet.
    Favourite outdoor workout in Collingwood area: Collingwood Harbour for paddling or The Escarpment for hiking and Yoga
    Favourite exercise: plank or kettle bell swings.
    Most difficult: pull-ups

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