The nutrition reset program has been an amazing game changer for me. I had been struggling with food and fitness for quite some time, and Sarah was incredible at recognizing the opportunity for me to improve my health. With her support and the incredible support of my fiancé, I signed up and began the restart program with Katie. Katie inspired me from minute one – after our first meeting, I was so engaged and excited to begin; for me, this was important to my success with the program. Very quickly I began noticing the benefits of clean eating. I dedicated myself to stick to the program and within days, I noticed changes of improvement, which kept me motivated to continue. I was able to give myself the time to focus on my health and well being.  What I loved most about this program is the length of commitment – within the 28 days, you can change your state of mind and reshape your behaviours for the better, and that is exactly what my fiancé and I did – enough so, that we have inspired others which is an amazing feeling!  We get excited about food and cooking in the kitchen – we connect and have fun and eat delicious food in a mindful way! We have even picked up some excellent magazines filled with healthy recipes. For us, the journey does not stop after 28 days – we feel too well not to continue! Alongside the fitness classes we attend at Active Life, we are feeling balanced, healthy, and energized. ~ Amy S.


“I have been working with Katie for 3 months including this past 28 day cleanse.  Katie’s enthusiasm for healthy holistic living is infectious and her food knowledge is exceptional.
The group setting for the 28 day cleanse was very helpful.  The participants were able to support each other through e-mail and our group sessions.  Katie’s booklet and plan was well set out and easy to follow.
I never felt like I was alone in the process, Katie was always there to answer questions and to provide encouragement.  I’m excited to say that I survived, learned some new healthy habits and lost some weight.
I can’t wait for the spring to join Katie’s group and do it again.” 
Diane. M.


“This was my second reset with Katie. I completed the first one last fall and had great success. But this second time around was life changing! Katie had made a few changes to the program from last fall.  One of the changes was fresh celery juice. Katie suggested drinking celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. Thankfully I had a friend give me a juicer in the summer that I had not used yet! I started the celery juice on day one and along with the recommended foods for the next 28 days. Within the first week I noticed a small difference in my energy level. Eating the proper foods and combination of foods is so important to make this work….but the celery juice is the key!! Wow! After 2 weeks of celery juice every morning my body had changed. The bloating was gone, my tummy was gone, my energy was up and I had clarity. Like the fog had been lifted! The biggest news was I was down 8 pounds!!!! And people noticed! For the Thanksgiving weekend I was travelling to Pemberton BC to visit my daughter. Before I had left I ordered a juicer on line and picked it up when I arrived in Vancouver. There was no way I was going to stop juicing for a week!  No excuses! On the last week of the reset I had a wedding in Buffalo and then I was on the road for work for 3 days afterwards. I was again travelling for a week.  So I packed up my juicer and booked hotels that offer kitchens. No excuses not to complete this program!

I am amazed that something as simple as celery juice has changed how I feel and look. It has been a life changer. I will continue to start my day with celery juice and pack my juicer whenever possible. I have lost a total of 13 pounds in 28 days!! Celery juice is magical!! I highly recommend you take your juicers out of the cupboard, dust them off and start juicing!! Katie, I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, support and energy you have given to this program.”

Shannon Walker

My name is Denise D’Angicco and I am a business owner and mother of two young children. Like all mothers, my goal is to always make sure my children get the most nutrition possible. The ironic thing is, is that sometimes we forget to apply that mentality to ourselves. After all, if we’re not healthy, how can we give our best to our children and family. Thankfully, in the midst of one of my many busy days, I received an e-mail from Katie describing a Nutrition Reset. After speaking with Katie for a short period, I was completely motivated to try something that could change and possibly enhance my life. I have recently completed the 28-Day Nutrition Reset and I am happy to admit that not only do I fit better in my favourite jeans but I have introduced foods into my diet that I would have never otherwise dreamed of. Katie has been instrumental in providing nutritional benefits, recipes, support and most of all – her encouragement that we all deserve to feel our best and live well through FOOD alone! I am a huge advocate that we can all accomplish this without bottles of pills but rather with the help of fruits and vegetables that are easily grown in our backyard. I think it goes without saying that I would highly recommend this reset to anyone of any age. If nothing else, you will be better informed in making food choices and we all know that knowledge is power – so put that power to use through nutrition and live well.

Be strong – Eat well – Live Life

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