New Therapist Assigned Rehabilitation Sessions

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This is an exercise based session with one of our strength and conditioning coaches that is prescribed by one of our therapy team members.  Our therapist will assess your alignment, joint mobility, stability and your functional movement patterns.  They will then communicate their findings to the designated strength and conditioning coach along with a prescription of exercises that will help you to restore function and or decrease pain.

The strength and conditioning coach will teach you the specific exercise program in a separate ‘therapist assigned rehabilitation’ session.  You will book these sessions directly with the strength and conditioning coach based on the recommendations of the therapist.  You will check back in with the therapist for a re-assessment after an agreed upon number of sessions which will be communicated to you at your initial assessment.

Some common questions about Therapist Assigned Rehabilitation Sessions:

Is this helpful for me if I’m not in pain?
We all have imbalances in our alignment or immobility in our joints stemming from past injuries or trauma.  Having an assessment will help to find any red flags in the way you are moving and prevent them from becoming an injury over time or simply improve your performance.  These sessions will give you educated exercise to improve the way you move and run, skate, jump, throw etc.  Therapist Assigned Rehabilitation sessions are beneficial for people recovering from surgery, an injury or  looking to enhance their current function and improve upon movement incompetency.

What types of activities will this help me with?
Anything really.  Sports like tennis, hockey, pickleball and golf are unforgiving if you’re not rotating properly and can create rotational imbalances that cause pain in your back, neck and shoulders.  Repetitive endurance activities like biking, running or swimming create imbalances due to the number of repetitions of the same movements which can lead to foot, ankle, knee and hip pain if mal-aligned.  Finding and correcting those imbalances, before they become an injury is our goal with this type of ‘pre-habilitation’.

What is the cost of this?
The cost of the assessment is $95. Subsequent therapy assigned rehabilitation sessions are $100 for the 1 hour sessions.  This covers collaboration between the therapist and conditioning coach, the therapist overseeing the session design and the strength & conditioning coach taking you through the 1 hour session.

How is it different from Personal Training?
Personal training cost is $90+hst and is typically designed by the strength and conditioning coach.  The structure of the Therapist Assigned Rehabilitation session is  similar to a personal training session, however the strength and conditioning coach will take you through the series of prescribed pre-habilitation or rehabilitation exercises along with strengthening work.

Can I use my extended health benefits for this service?
You will be charged and receive an invoice after each Therapist Assigned Rehabilitation session with the therapists’ billing # indicating that the service was conducted by the specific strength and conditioning coach.  These can be submitted to your extended health benefits for physiotherapy or chiropractic benefits (depending upon the supervising therapist).

Will I be working inside the training centre?
Since you are working under the supervision of one of our therapy team, you are permitted to train inside the training centre or our outdoor training areas even during our provincial covid reopen period.  Regulated Covid safety protocols will be in place at all times.
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