New Dance Class With Melissa James starting June 30th!

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Coach Melissa James comes with a wealth of experience both as a professional dancer and as a dance teacher. She is SO excited to hear that the Active Life community are ready to give a Dance class a go, and can’t wait to get started at 5.30pm on Thursday June 30th.
Simply show up – do not worry whether you have rhythm or experience or not – just be ready to give it a go and feel good for doing so!

What ~ A fun, energetic, empowering dance class for Beginner Adults

When ~ Thursdays at 5.30pm
Start Date ~ Thursday June 30th
Where ~ Active Life Conditioning Studio
Who For?? ~ Open to anyone over the age of 18. No dance experience necessary, however if you did dance growing up, you will definitely enjoy this class too!

Why is there so much encouragement for kids to dance, and so many classes available for them to do so…..yet in our Adult years, dance seems to come to a halt and is typically no longer an option. Melissa is on a mission to change this!!! Dancing is such a great workout – it improves balance, coordination, strength and flexibility, and raises your heart rate without you even realizing. Plus you have so much fun while doing it. Leave every class feeling uplifted and energized!

Each session (60mins) will include:
– dance based Warm Up including both stretch and strength based exercises. Move as a group to the beat of the music, and FEEL GOOD doing so!
– you’ll learn a variety of progressions and “go to” combinations and drills. This is where Melissa will teach you some of the technical aspects behind dance, to help you learn, grow, and feel more comfortable.
– each week you will also build on learning a short routine. It will include repetition and be designed in a way that everyone can pick it up and get into the rhythm! This will often change, so we can all experience different styles, and not get too behind if you have to miss the odd week!

*We will include a bunch of different styles, but most will be Jazz or Commercial Dance Based.
*It is not essential, but definitely recommended that you attend each continuous week.
*No specific dance clothes or footwear required.
*Will include some Turning/Pivoting. So people with knee injuries should consider with caution and/or be ready to modify.

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