This full body workout compliments any sport or activity as it improves strength and range of motion without causing undue fatigue and muscle pain.  Strength is gained by adjusting the lengths of our levers, aka arms and legs, in various flowing movements that are simple to master and

challenging. By the end of the class participants walk out relieved of stress, looser and physically taller as the workout focuses so much on posture improvement.

Essentrics has been the workout of choice for professional athletes for the last 20 years, including the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens and athletes in football, basketball, hockey, speed skating, figure skating, triathlons, marathons, skiing and swimming.  It prepares the body to both withstand the maximum demands of any sport, and to rebound injury-free from unexpec ted twists, turns and stresses. The Active Aging crowd who want a challenge and effective workout find this doesn’t aggravate their joints, may of whom have improved from suffering with arthritis, increased strength, flexibility and posture.  As a runner, this workout was a game-changer for me, taking me from constantly fighting various injuries, to a full marathon.  But more importantly, I had developed arthritis in my hips and with Essentrics, I have gone from being unable to sit in a car for 10 min. max. to being able to travel pain-free for 3 hours. Also, for years I have been plagued with plantar fasciitis, and this year, for the first year in decades, it did not come back and haunt me this summer.   Just last evening on Hockey Town, a professional hockey player was talking about always being injured.  He was trained by the world’s top trainers, but it wasn’t until he added the balance of yoga to his life, that his whole game changed for the better.  Yoga was one of the best additions I have added in my life….and Essentrics has been the second, taking my training to an entire new level.

Whether you are an athlete, injured, a baby-boomer or and older adult, Essentrics provides the tool to balance and tone all 650 muscles and 360 joints with simultaneous stretching and strengthening exercises in a single workout session.

Stay strong, flexible and injury free.  Try Essentrics.

Coach: Deb McCann

Maximum Participants: 15

Investment: 1 Conditioning Pass = 1 Class

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