New Fight Camp with Coach Rob Starting in January

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Learn from a pro!
Starting Thursday January 6th, 2022 join Kickboxer Rob Buxton’s 8-Week Fight Camp. Progressively build up your conditioning to be able to last 10x3minute rounds of action – duration of 2 Championship Fights! Fight Camp will take your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning to the next level by following a periodized progression of establishing a rock solid aerobic base creating the foundation for which we will then maximize your anaerobic system (power endurance/speed). Having both these energy systems firing on all cylinders and working hand in hand will take your fitness to new heights allowing you to get the most out of everything you do. Building up your energy systems is an important foundation but in Fight Camp you will also learn the fundamental techniques of Kickboxing (Stance/movement/punches/kicks/knees) discovering new found body awareness and confidence with skills that carry over very well to self defense. Fight Camp will be a combination of technical/skill instruction (sport specific energy system development) and various cardio/conditioning modalities to ensure a broad ranging conditioning base is set that will crossover into anything that you do. Fitness baselines will be tested on Week 1 and again on Week 8 of Fight Camp so that you are able to  see and experience the results that are possible when you make a commitment and stick with it. Make the commitment to your own health and fitness and join us in Fight Camp! It won’t be easy.. but it will be WORTH it. Sign-up today spaces are limited!

Duration:  8 sessions January 6th – Feb 24

Day/time: Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm


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