Performance Pedal

“It never gets easier, you just go faster”

Performance Pedal is an indoor cycling performance-based training program within a group environment. Using sports proven training principles and designed to accomplish specific objectives with optimal results, these progressive workouts, which include detailed instructions on ride position, intensity and duration, keep the rider engaged and focused on their individual goals. With creative structure, variety every week, visualization and energizing music, there is no time for boredom. Bringing the best elements of motivating group exercise together with an individuals ability to participate at their own level of fitness to improve muscular endurance, build power & speed, increase aerobic capacity, refine pedal efficiency, and develop a greater level of confidence.  You will look forward to the challenge of each new structured training session and see the results!  Participants can expect assessment of their cycling specific strengths & weaknesses and related training strategies, discussion on training methodology and an awareness of effort/intensities/zones which can be translated to outdoor riding.

Active Life Conditioning has 12 Schwinn AC Sport PRO Spin Bikes. These bikes are preferred by competitive cyclists and indoor-rider enthusiasts because they are chain driven (feel like a bike), use a magnetic resistance which allows you to gauge your pedal stroke and have consistency for each bike ride. For more details see.


1 Conditioning Pass= 1 class

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