Performance Athletes


Performance training is functional training to prepare for high level athletic competition.

Our philosophy is that athletes need a balanced program with equal parts strength and power, agility and speed, flexibility, recovery, nutrition and energy systems as well as a properly periodized plan.

Participants are aged 14 years and up and include Olympic Alpine Skiers, World Cup snowboarders, National Women’s Hockey Players, OHL level hockey players, elite runners and swimmers and many more.

Each session is monitored by elite coaches and trainers.  Exercise Physiologist Sarah Applegarth designs and monitors the programs to ensure athletes are training in a motivating, challenging and diverse environment.  With our unique environment in Collingwood we like to get creative and get our athletes out of the gym and on the mountain, in parks, school track and other areas to enhances their experience with us.

An initial Movement Screen with one of our ALC therapy team helps to give our coaches information to prevent injury through training and allows us to build up the weak links in an athletes’ chain and create much stronger, more stable competitors.


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1 Conditioning Pass = 1 Class

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“What sets training apart with Sarah  is how she addresses my specific needs and goals. She’s helped me become a stronger and faster athlete. With her help I am achieving my goals and competing at my best.”

Vicki Bendus
Canadian Women’s Hockey Team

“I was lucky to start working with Sarah at a young age.  Together we worked on a long term development plan that allowed me to develop my skills to prepare me to make the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.  Sarah has shown me the importance of training all the muscle groups that you need in order to compete in the highest level in sport.  Sarah has extensive knowledge in the fitness industry and I always look forward to when we can get together for our next workout. Things are always challenging and fun.”

Scott Barrett
Men’s Canadian Alpine Ski  Team

“Sarah’s attention to detail and her dedication to those she trains has definitely turned me into a better athlete.  This training has helped in making me a more successful player on the ice, improving my overall fitness and confidence levels immensely.”

Chris Gard
Collingwood Blues Junior A

“Active Life Conditioning greatly improved my main goals on the ice, along with a much healthier lifestyle away from hockey.  Sarah targetted my individual goals as a hockey player and allowed me to make very noticeable improvements in a very short period of time”

Jordan McCarl
Stayner Siskins Jr B

“Personally this program has improved my physical fitness and my mentality to its greatest extent.  It was a great atmosphere full of ‘thirst to win’ athletes and it was fun.  I really enjoyed the different variety of programs available to each of us and liked the fact that we switched it up every week”

Kandace Kriese
McMaster University

“After a week of heavy tryouts i made the team at McMaster and I can honestly say that without you and your program I would have had no chance. Keep up the great work, it has already made my first year a success.  I’ll see you again next summer!” Jeremy Watkin
McMaster University Varsity Soccer Team