Fundamental Fitness: This moderate intensity program is designed with a focus on training core stability, cardiovascular fitness, balance, flexibility, and functional movements. It is appropriate for individuals of any age who lead an active lifestyle and want to maintain or regain a healthy body. Small class size allows for individual attention and appropriate modifications to suit all levels of fitness. There is a strong focus on correct bio-mechanics for injury prevention. Level 2/3.

Coaches: Anne Baker and Deb McCann

Maximum Participants: 10

Essentrics: Essentrics is a dynamic stretch workout that lengthens the muscles while strengthening them in an elongated position. It is designed to
rebalance the full body. Workouts promote age reversing, enhance body shaping and active recovery.

Coach: Deb McCann

Maximum Participants: 15

Investment: 1 Conditioning Pass = 1 Class

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